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About the project


Downtowns cannot remain static but must constantly evolve to meet consumer desires.

A need for housing.

Housing represents the key element in a downtown's success, helping to drive retail, restaurant and other uses.

Dining & entertainment

Providing a reason for people to venture downtown adds to the area's vibrancy and dynamism.

a history runs through it.

Most downtowns benefit from an historic status as central gathering places, providing a "living room" for a community and sense of place.

hearts and Souls

the idea behind a day in the life of downtown

Downtowns represents the heart and soul of a community. Throughout the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado, downtowns are constantly evolving to address changing economic conditions and consumer tastes.

From Greeley to Boulder, Longmont to Fort Collins, downtowns serve as a destination for dining, shopping, housing, entertainment and office space. 

With A Day in the Life of Downtown, BizWest has embarked on an ambitious, multiyear project to chronicle life in some of the region’s city centers, beginning with Greeley in June 2023 and Fort Collins in September 2023. Future projects will take us to Boulder, Longmont, Loveland and beyond. 

We are always seeking ideas for features.

have a story to tell in one of our upcoming featured downtowns? Let us know!

Key points about this project.

Two Downtowns featured annually

A Day in the Life of Downtown represents a significant investment in time and energy for BizWest. For that reason, we are focusing on no more than two communities annually.

We want your ideas

Each upcoming project will receive ample advance marketing, and we’re eager for ideas about people, businesses and trends to feature.

Advertising is welcome

BizWest will sell advertising in a printed magazine for A Day in the Life of Downtown projects, but advertising is not a prerequisite for inclusion in editorial content.

Online and print

A robust website accompanies each A Day in the Life of Downtown project, along with a print magazine that features selected portions of the content.

a note about content

A Day in the Life of Downtown will include features on businesses and people, as well as articles on trends within a downtown.

Important stuff

some things you should know

BizWest will produce far more content for A Day in the Life than can fit in a print magazine. That means that the website will include many additional articles, videos, slideshows and timelines.

Future A Day in the Life of Downtown projects will feature user-generated content (labeled as such). That means that even more individuals and businesses can be featured, sending us photos or videos of themselves, their customers or their employees.

BizWest will solicit certain individuals to appear on the designated data at our booth for video interviews on trends, challenges and opportunities facing downtown. We’ll also seek passersby, customers, employees and business owners to interview.

Some of the most-engaging content ideas for our first project in Greeley came from the public, with suggestions for coverage.

General FAQ's

questions about the A day in the life of downtown

A Day in the Life of Downtown Fort Collins will take place Sept. 23, 2023. In 2024 and beyond, we’re hoping to do Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Estes Park, Lafayette, Louisville and more!

Absolutely not. We’re looking for interesting stories to tell, regardless of whether someone chooses to advertise.

A Day in the Life of Downtown content is produced by BizWest’s editorial team, along with some very talented freelance writers, photographers and videographers.

Simple! Contact Jeff Nuttall at jnuttall@bizwest.com, and he’ll connect you with an account executive.

It’s already happened! We power through on the date selected, rain, snow or shine!

Absolutely! Every community experiences challenges, including in downtowns. We seek to chronicle life in our city centers, and we won’t shy away from challenges.